Belinda Esperson - Contemporary Jeweller



Payments are accepted via PayPal, VISA and Mastercard. You do not need a paypal account to purchase from the shop. All prices are in Australian dollars however PayPal will automatically convert your currency into $AUD when you make your purchase. No conversion fee. Easy!


Orders will be shipped within Australia via Express Post and internationally via Australia Post registered mail. Items will usually be posted within 3 working days unless otherwise noted. Please allow at least 2 weeks for international shipping (yes sometimes it can take a while from Australia!)

If you are interested in Express or Priority shipping or wish to insure the parcel, please send me an email before making your purchase so that I can adjust the shipping rates.

I am not responsible for any customs fees or taxes once the product has shipped internationally.

refunds & exchanges

All my designs are intentionally asymmetrical and every effort is made to describe the piece accurately. Careful attention is given to finishing of each piece to ensure it is robust for normal everyday wear however I cannot account for rough treatment of the piece.

If there is a problem with your order please contact me by email.

Please note that refunds will only be made where advised within 7 days of receiving your order and where there is a technical fault with the piece.

Where there is a problem with sizing the item may be returned and will be exchanged for the required size where available, or refunded. Please contact me by email before returning the item. Postage and insurance for both the return and replacement will be at your expense. Such items will only be accepted if received by me in original condition.

care & finishes

I make jewellery with the intent that it be worn and enjoyed every day. Over time the pieces will naturally show signs of wear which in my opinion add to their appeal like the wear in a favourite pair of jeans. The pieces should be cared for with a degree of understanding of the limitations of the materials used, the finishes and the construction.

I take care to achieve a fine matte finish on my pieces that may be damaged by use of abrasive cleaning materials and even proprietary jewellery cleaning products. The following information will give you an idea of what to expect and I will include a brief “care sheet” with each piece.


I use 18ct gold plating over sterling silver to achieve the look of gold without the price tag. I have found that the plating picks up the brushed finish of the silver beautifully resulting in a beautiful soft matte gold. Being a very fine layer the plating will wear over time and I only use it on pieces that receive limited wear and tear such as earrings, brooches & necklaces. Any grease or dirt can be removed by gently wiping with methylated spirits on a cotton ball or soft cloth.

oxidised (black) finish on silver

Oxidisation is a very fine grey/black layer of silver achieved by applying a chemical to the surface of the silver. It will wear back quite rapidly on exposed surfaces, however this is part of the appeal. I typically finish the piece with a beeswax based product to provide a little extra resistance and acheieve a more intense black. Oxidised pieces should not require cleaning.

whitened silver

Many of my sterling silver pieces have a fine dusty whitish appearance that is achieved using heat to bring the fine silver to the surface. This finish is quite fragile however it lightly oxidises and ages beautifully. I personally would resist cleaning it, but if you must, then a very gentle clean with toothpaste on a very soft cloth is the most I would recommend.



There are several ways of measuring ring sizes. Generally I will quote the UK & USA sizes. The easiest and most accurate way to find out your size is going to your local jeweller and asking to check using their ring sizer.

As the rings I make are not always perfectly round, there may be some variance depending on the shape of your finger, knuckles, etc. However if you are not happy with the fit I am happy to offer an exchange or refund.

Also make sure that the maximum height of the ring fits between your hand and knuckle comfortably - maybe by wrapping a piece of card cut to that height around your finger to check

cuffs & bracelets

The cuffs are quite flexible and fit a wide range of sizes. With bangles I will provide the length of the internal edge and the approximate width. To check that this will fit you, trace the length & width onto a piece of flexible card (with allowing some overlap to secure with tape) and check that the size will fit.