Belinda Esperson - Contemporary Jeweller


Welcome to my webshop.

Each of these pieces of jewellery has been individually handmade by me in my studio - each with its own character. Although I start each piece with an idea of how it will be, each one evolves independently, being a product of that moment in time - and it is that sculptural nature of jewellery making that I love.

Much of my work is inspired by the raw natural beauty of the Australian bush - the detail, fragments, tones, forms and textures together with the sense of weathering that is integral to this environment.

I find inspiration in the raw silence, the dusty, dry brittleness of this tonal landscape; the charcoal scarring left by fire, bleached wood and foliage, contrasts of fragility and toughness. I'm inspired by the detail of the curled dried leaves and shards of shedding bark, the chiaroscuric textures and tones of tree trunks, the twiggy scruffiness of the ground, the holes and blemishes on leaves and bark made by insects, and the pod forms of gumnuts and fruit by which means the plants reproduce in this harsh environment.

I am also influenced by Scandinavian design: simple pure forms that highlight the intrinsic beauty of raw materials - a balance of form and function, a neutral palette, a practical approach to creating items of beauty for every day use and enjoyment.

Through the forms of my jewellery I try to capture the honesty and simplicity of casually collected, beautiful bush fragments, tied on a string as a keepsake - the gesture of threading a shell or pebble with a natural hole in it to make a necklace or wrapping a piece of grass around the wrist as a bracelet.

Capturing that sense of effortlessness within the detail, without overworking a piece, is my single greatest challenge.

My work is quiet, modest and comfortable - pieces to be worn and enjoyed every day, becoming part of the wearer and over time reflecting their life and experiences - gracefully ageing like a favorite pair of jeans. The pieces express sheer luxury through the materiality and detail of each, incorporating precious metals and stones such as rough Australian sapphires seamlessly with more humble materials such as wood, linen and natural seed pods.

I live and work in the bushy fringes of inner Melbourne where I gather daily inspiration on walks along the Yarra river with my dog and in the scruffy wilderness of my garden.